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Water for Elephants (2011)

Water for Elephants

Jacob was a veterinary student with a promising career, but his last exam was interrupted when he received the news that his parents were killed in an accident. his father left behind huge debts and he ran away, jumping onto a passing train with the hope that it will bring him somewhere else. he realized the very next morning that it was a circus train. August was the circus owner, a sadistic and ambitious guy that hopes to eliminate all other circuses. Jacob met with August's wife, Marlena and fell in love with her. while he developed an unlikely friendship with August and Marlena, Jacob had to make risky decisions to disobey August and train the animals in his own ways.

the story took place in the past, its details so beautiful that it was easy to get absorbed into the film. August was a complicated character, we disliked him most of the time, but he can also be so pitiful at a different time. Jacob was an honest character, going with the flow and accepting what came his way. Marlena played a small role between the 2 men, a dutiful wife especially when it came to accepting August's violent behavior. the film's attraction mainly laid in the dark side of the circus entertainment, a side where we were rarely given the chance to be exposed to. it was interesting and absolutely captivating.

some backgrounds on the movie:
- author: Sara Gruen
- director: Francis Lawrence
- released: 2011
- casts: Reese Witherspoon, Robert Pattinson, Christoph Waltz, Paul Schneider, Jim Norton, Hal Holbrook, Mark Povinelli
- language: English
- genre: Drama/Romance

Water for Elephants
Water for Elephants
Water for Elephants
Water for Elephants
Water for Elephants

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  1. Ouh...this movie has something to do about circus. :)