Sunday, May 20, 2012

Deadly Cool #1: Deadly Cool (2011)

Deadly Cool

Hartley was a student from Herbert Hoover High School. she had a bad day. first she found out that Josh, her boyfriend was cheating on her with Courtney, the president of the chastity club. she called and texted him whole day but getting no respond. when she went to his room to confront him, she stumbled upon Courtney's body hidden in his closet. when Hartley was both pissed and afraid, not knowing what to do, Josh appeared climbing through her window, begging for her to help clear him name.

the book wasn't what was expected. while murder mysteries were often dark and lengthy in its explanation, Deadly Cool (2011) was straight to the point, easy to understand and analyzing like a teen. there were some creepy moments, disturbing discovery of bodies, but it wasn't over elaborated to give it a overstuffed feeling. it was definitely an easy read, and it kept me guessing until the very end who the villain was. the result was completely unexpected and exciting.

author: Gemma Halliday
published: 2011
genre: Mystery/Thriller

Deadly Cool series:
- Deadly Cool (2011)
- Social Suicide (2012)

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