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Sookie Stackhouse #10: Dead in the Family (2010)

Dead in the Family

Sookie was still recovering physically and emotionally from the torture she received from the fairies in Dead and Gone (2009). Bill also continued to suffer from silver poisoning while he rescued Sookie. although the blood of his maker, Lorena could help him, she was dead, which left Judith, who was also turned by Lorena. Sookie's relationship with Eric the vampire strengthened, but this was when Eric's maker, Appius showed up, bringing Eric's "brother", Alexei along. Alexei was the last of his family, being slaughter thus having emotional problems after being turned. Appius came to Eric, hoping he could help Alexei gain some sanity.

the series continued being absolutely entertaining and humorous! as unstable as Sookie felt after being tortured, i was thrilled to have her return to her own self when her friends were having trouble. Alexei was a creepy character, but very interesting and made the story sped up its pace, especially after Eric's elaborated political knowledge. Claude, Sookie's fairy cousin showed more of himself by living in Sookie's house after his sister's death. being the last of Sookie's family member, he changed his icy personality to care more about Sookie, a development unexpected and extremely heartwarming. there were a lot of progress for the characters in this installment, seemingly welcoming what was to come, which made waiting for the next book unbearable.

author: Charlaine Harris
published: 2010
genre: Fantasy

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