Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hand Me Down (2012)

Hand Me Down

Liz was a 14-years-old that spent her whole life protecting her younger sister Jaime. once a seemingly perfect family, her father started hitting their mother the moment she refused to give her money for boozes. after their divorce, her mother got together with an ex-convict that assaulted women. he continued to taunt Liz and harassed her until she was sent to live with Aunt Tammy in another town. despite being free from her stepfather's sexual harassment, Liz found it difficult to feel safe anymore.

the first half of the book was awfully depressing as i felt like i was being harassed as well. the urge to fight back was as strong as throwing the book down. but as i forced myself through the pages, the changes that happened when Liz was thrown into Aunt Tammy's life, or even Aunt Deborah's life. each of these household was different but decent in their own ways. the conflict remained until she finally revealed the truth and was finally given a real home. there was a memorable fight near the end of the book, which turned out to be extremely satisfying and made the suffering of going through the first half of the book absolutely worthwhile.

author: Melanie Thorne
published: 2012
genre: Drama

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