Monday, October 07, 2013

Defiance #1: Defiance (2012)


Rachel lived in the safe wall of Baalboden, a city free of the Curse Ones, a gigantic scaled beast that blew fire, destroying everything in its path. the city was ruled by the Commander, a legendary hero that was rumored to have the ability to kill the Curse Ones easily. but he was a brutal and sadistic person. girls were to learn to sew and dance for the men, relying on the men to protect their city. but unlike other girls, Rachel learned to track and hunt, to spar like any man under the guidance of her father. one day, his father was sent on a courier mission and later declared dead by the Commander. determined, Rachel set foot out of the safe wall for a journey in search of her father.

being a tough chick, Rachel was a surprisingly lovable character. with her wild red hair, she was one attractive girl with plenty of personalities. Logan was her father's apprentice. with a cursed background, he was often belittled. their romance were certain to bloom despite my fear for Rachel to ruin it. her journey was so intense i found myself absorbed into pages after pages before i was able to take a breather. the unsatisfying end of not knowing if the Commander was killed during the havoc caused by the Cursed Ones was welcoming as it made me look forward to the next installment even more.

author: C.J. Redwine
published: 2012
genre: Paranormal/Romance

Defiance series:
- Defiance (2012)
- Deception (2013)
- Deliverance (2014)

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