Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Want #2: Need (2013)


ever since he got caught sleeping with Julianne, his 17-year old piano student, Isaac hid from everyone he knew, even distancing himself from the piano he loved. guilt had been haunting him since the very day he abandoned Julianne and his loved ones when the truth was exposed. just when he decided to continue composing by following Uncle Robert's advise, his ex-girlfriend Heather showed up, unannounced and started pushing him to get things done around the house. the duo quickly reconnected, but their happiness were put on a halt when family secrets began pouring out of the casket.

having loved the first installment: Want (2012), i was pleased to find myself absolutely emerged in Need (2013). while the first book told its story from Julianne's point of view, the second took Isaac's. each of these characters had their own struggles, making them similar yet so different. i was surprised when Julianne wasn't the main female character of this book but Heather. fortunately she made a great character, interesting even feisty at some point, transforming into totally unexpected near the end. Isaac's growth was the most rewarding part of the book, not forgetting the numerous times the book successfully drew tears into my eyes.

author: Stephanie Lawton
published: 2013
genre: Drama/Romance

Want series:
- Want (2012)
- Need (2013)

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