Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Dark Rituals #1: Awakening (2013)


Colina was still training to be a healer. but one day, her family was killed by a group of men, destined to destroy every last one of them. she was temporarily spared because her brother had hidden her in the kitchen, with a spell to conceal her location. the men continued after her, forcing her to seek the Death Dealer Guild for help. she met Luke, who was reluctant to train her until Darla, his sister was captured by these men. to became a dark wizard, Colina had to survive three trials. first she had to die and returned, then she had to be possessed, and lastly brought someone over to the other side, indirectly killing them. with the men tight on their trail, the duo were forced to speed things up for survival.

i received a free e-book from the author in exchanged for a review. seeing the cover itself had my curiosity blossomed uncontrollably. lucky for me, the book was available for free reads. Colina was an easy to love character, even Luke and Darla, James and Sarah, those that they came in contact with, were highly likable characters. there were times Colina seemed naive or childish, but seeing the situation that she was thrown into, it was already impressive that she managed to keep a sane mind. infusing Colina's trials into their life and death escape plan made everything even more intense, sometimes also emotionally engaging. the book was impossibly difficult to put down, and an absolute fast read that i couldn't wait to lay my hands on the second installment.

author: Catrina Burgess
published: 2013
genre: Fantasy/Horror

The Dark Rituals series:
- Awakening (2013)
- Possession (2013)

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