Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Salem's Revenge #1: Brew (2014)


Rhett was an orphan, who had moved from one family to another, until he finally felt at home with one particular family. but happiness was short lived, the Salem Revenge took place, killed many humans along the way, his new family among those killed. Rhett escaped, only to find out that witches were real. he was rescued and trained by Mr Jackson, a guy who knew the witches existence since the very beginning and had been prepared. Rhett was glad to be protected, but felt the need to seek out revenge for his family, as well as finding his best friends, Xavier and Beth.

the book was an addictive read from its very first page. I was captivated with the relationship between Rhett and his two best friends, Xavier and Beth. It was somewhat odd that Rhett would go such a distance to avoid violence, but on the contrary, his two best friends would behave the complete opposite. while bird of the same feathers flocked together, it had me wondering what brought the trio together, especially with their extremely close relationship. when it came to the witch historical lessons or witch killing training, I found myself skipping lines just to get to the juicy part. but when the actions were finally available, I was pleased to find it being every bit entertaining as I hoped it will be, especially when it came at me in waves and waves of satisfactions.

author: David Estes
published: 2014
genre: Paranormal

Salem's Revenge series:
- Brew (2014)
- Boil (2014)
- Burn (2015)

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