Monday, November 24, 2014

Soul Chaser #1: Soul Chaser (2014)

Soul Chaser

Raven was a Soul Chaser. her job was to die for children. Instead of suffering their horrific death and risk becoming a lost spirit, these children were chosen, where their souls would drift to heaven while Raven took possession of their bodies, living their last moments and facing their death for them. if a soul departed before the child experience death, the child would be reunited with heavens, signaling its complete life. experiencing death itself was what caused the child to became a lost spirit.

I received a free e-book from the author in exchange for a review. the book was a fast read. it felt like an introduction, a beginning of a possible series, giving me a preview of what Raven’s life was about. the idea definitely seemed promising, which have me looking forward to the next installment. while Raven was just performing what was expected of her, I found myself wanting to know more about her all the time. the Soul Chaser system was less interesting for me in comparison, where she was chosen to be a Soul Chaser and will be choosing her successor when the time comes. often I found myself skipping lines just to get to the juicy part of Summer’s routine.

author: Nicholette Campbell
published: 2014
genre: Paranormal

Soul Chaser series:
- Soul Chaser (2014)

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