Tuesday, June 24, 2008


the little pup has grown !! still as skinny as ever, still as friendly too. seriously, it looks rather different from the common dogs. ain't sure in what aspect though .. any idea, dog lovers ?? ;) (previous photograph of this dog here: Doggy)


  1. Rather different? From which part ah? I think this puppy is very thin, like a sausage dog to me... =p

  2. Got seems to grow a bit lah... to give ya some credit...

    But then again, it might be the angle that you take it from....

    Optical illusion bah... =p

  3. woah.. doggies easy grow fast!

  4. You have both a cat and a dog in your house hold? O_O

    [it looks rather different from the common dogs. ain't sure in what aspect though .. any idea, dog lovers ?? ;)]

    Dunno. Maybe I need to see more photos. How old already ah?

  5. My pet is still cuter *winkz*. Much Much more adorable.

  6. akira: hotdog !! (am hungry right now.) XD i'm not sure different in what aspect either. *puzzled*

    cometh: cometh !! *still chasing after yelping* of course it grew, look at those eyes, look at the nose !! oh wait .. it wasn't too obvious, is it .. dang .. *beaten*

    sharon: kitties too !! it's adorable watching them from one phase to another. :D

    deimos: [You have both a cat and a dog in your house hold?] that is exactly how i dreamed it would be, a future plan. ;)

    nope, this dog ain't mine, it's a stray. mine would definitely have a name. (a japanese name too. XD) i only have my yuki. ;)

    marcus: woohoo !! monkey is the cutest, monkey is the cutest !! *dance to the rhythm* =3

    jeanne: i don't quite understand it after viewing the tag, but sure !! i would love to give it a try as well. :)

    宝茹: definitely yours n cometh's favorite. XD

  7. This puppy made you think of hotdog? Haha, why dont grab yourself a hotdog then? Hehe...

  8. you get to meet the same wild dog twice?

    Might as well bring the dog home :P

  9. akira: your "sausage dog" phrase made me think of hotdog. XD i wonder where can i grab one .. maybe later, just had my breakfast. *bloated*

    elezend: i .. don't think so. i bet yuki is gonna Destroy him !! XD

  10. hmm , i m not a dog lover but i m a cat lover , in my opinion the dog face is kinda different

  11. this doggy is last time u post that he 'sembunyi' himself at the bottom of cupboard???

    hontoni??? chongmal?

  12. Ya I know you seldom take your lunch, so maybe you can consider getting yourself a hotdog, hehe, remember get one for me also! Haha!

  13. eh? js realize u got ur own domain dy. Gratzz girl!!! :D

  14. hello,
    new to your blog... hehe... always happy to see animal lovers around... hehe... i have two children too!

    btw, hmm... your dog.... really very different.... not just the shape..... the hair too... haha... :P

    how old is he/she???

  15. : a cat lover !! same here. =3 i'm kinda curious with where it looked different too.

    joshua: there is ?? i think that pup was shown by elezend, not me. :P

    akira: i ended up didn't get any hotdog yesterday. XD was so, so hungry during dinner. haha !!

    yipguseng: thanks !! finally indeed. =3

    rl: thanks for dropping by !! :) it's not my dog, but a stray i met during breakfast. it does look different, doesn't it ?? i can't quite figure it out myself. it could be the shape n air as you'd mentioned. :D

  16. oh... i see.... i tot it was your dog.... hehe... :P

    anyway, since it is a stray..... the looks will depend on how it mix... hehe.... but i think all dogs are lovable.... the loyal family of men... and women of course... :P

    any plans to adopt it? hehe...

  17. elezend???mix up???=p

  18. Yea, the dog you mentioned I'm 90% sure is my puppy

    Just because I'm an Anime lover doesn't mean I hate animals @.@

  19. Nah, you see, dont want to listen to my words of wisdom! Haha! Better have something to eat and dont starve yourself ya. XD

  20. rl: how about cats ?? =3 as long as the dog ain't fierce n doesn't go amok, they looked pretty cute to me too. ;)

    joshua: ya-ah, now you know. totally busted !! XD

    elezend: [Just because I'm an Anime lover doesn't mean I hate animals] how does anime relate to animals ?? n who said that you hate animals by the way ?? *shocked*

    akira: "word of wisdom" eh, you just promote yourself as an old man. *joking* :P thanks for caring. :)

  21. Haha, old man huh! I'm still young and still can give you my own words of wisdom! Haha! I prefer to be a young man as always *dreaming*!

  22. aiyer... im very scared of doggy..

  23. akira: some old man can be quite empty inside. but i guess the point is to "grow up", not "grow old" (this tag post hassome of the points i meant). ;)

    天狼星: why's that ?? did you have a bad experience with dogs ??

  24. Yup, we need to grow up in our mind too! Commenting each other is a way to exchange views and thoughts, and this helps me to keep my mind to get more knowledge...

  25. but only for "meaningful" comments. some comments, which served more of a spam than Sincerity, is very much irritating n unwelcome. *twitching* for sincere comments, it is always exciting n fun to know what others think of the same topic, but in different perspectives. :)