Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tag: 7 Musics

was tagged by -joshua- to state 7 musics that affect my life. sounds rather difficult, for i don't particularly like any song. n for the "affecting my life" part, herm .. but i'll try to list out some songs that i interpret as "cool".

most of the Musicals (such as Moulin Rouge, Phantom of the Opera, Sweeney Todd) are successful in thrilling me with their enchanting musics.

Disney too often discover talented voices (such as Lea Salonga in Aladdin).

artists usually attract me the most with their strong voices. Avril Lavigne n Christina Aguilera are one of those in the list.
same goes for Yui. despite her look n size, she definitely Rocks harder than you expected !!
musics from Anime can be rather inspiring as well. here i choose the opening for Gundam 00 (thanks to -piggy- for introducing), Daybreak's Bell by L'Arc-en-Ciel.
Matchbox 20 (Rob Thomas) has a rather unique voice too. the dragging thingy he did. (similar to Jay's ??)
my latest discovery has to be a gothic metal band - Within Temptation (thanks to -baboon- for introducing).


  1. In my blog i say u can speak japanese

  2. Sweetney Todd! Ahh my favourite lead actor. But I was so so so sad at the ending *cryz*

  3. the music that u listen i almost listened..........

    ya, the arvil is awake me!!!! a girl but can play nice guitar!!!!rocks!!!!yeah!!!

    give me 5 lagi!!!!=)

  4. I love the Disney song very much! Hehe.. A Whole New World meant a lots to me!

    I love the Anime song too, which is from Gundam 00!

  5. anyone also can. Up to u select


  6. Yui is cute <3

    nice list you've got there

  7. stockname: thanks for the introduction !! :D

    marcus: i'm trying to find edward scissorhands lately. a total classic i heard. *anticipating*

    joshua: avril sure voiced out a lot of angers n frustrations of teenagers these days. XD

    akira: aladdin was like our childhood friend to start with. "abu !!" XD

    elezend: love her voice. totally hot !! =3

  8. r u goin for the bloggers gathering?

  9. u know japanese ? i now stuying how to talk every friday night...u study until which level le?

  10. yeah, daybreak's bell song nice ;)

    i got the mp3, there's one period of time in office i listen from 5 - 7 repeating non stop :P

  11. Yea she is and I prefer her other song called Life ^^"

    Anyway, I don't like Aya Hirano

    Yui is like pure cutesy and innocent with naivety but Aya is extremely fake; pretending to be cute although I love Konata

  12. Yeah, Abu the cute monkey! Haha. But I prefer Genie more, because he can grant our wishes! Haha!

  13. sharon: what gathering is that ?? any information that i can refer too ?? :)

    bubuweiwei: you're attending classes ?? it started from level 4 right ?? i'd reached level 3. but for now, the classes halted to wait for the juniors to reach our level, n we shall have a bigger class.

    yipguseng: i've got that album of L'Arc-en-Ciel, noticed the OP while i was listening to it. what a happy surprise !! :D

    elezend: oh, life was from her earlier album, wasn't it !! i remembered it. who exactly is aya ?? was she compared to yui ??

    akira: now that you mentioned it .. i don't remember preferring a particular character in it. does the tiger count ?? it barely shows. XD

  14. The tiger, hmm, let me think of the name.. I cant even recognise the name anymore! Haha. My mind just pop up the tiger in Winnie The Pooh, XD!

  15. Edward sissorhands? is really a classic. One of the early movies by Johnny depp. And yea..definitely the kind of movies that both of us like. A cross between fantasy, monster and romance. Almost like hunchback of notredamus.

  16. I am comparing them because they are both singers in Japan but Aya is more popular while I think Yui deserves more

  17. I like Avril Lavigne voice too.
    She will coming to Malaysia for concert within August and September.

    Yeah ! finally to Malaysia.
    Wanna go ? ^^

  18. akira: the tiger's name is "rajah". too bad it is just a small character. as for winnie the pooh, the name is "tigger" !! XD

    marcus: "hunchback" of disney ?? wow, i almost forgot it exist. but i didn't like the ending. why does beauty always have to go with the beast .. opps !! i mean d "commoners". XD

    elezend: she is ?? oh my, i don't know her. you've gotta introduce me to more artists, for i barely follow the "latest". XD

    jchan: my guess is it'll be held in KL ?? it's not as easy planning a trip over. sure wish to rock with her !! :D

  19. Not a easy way?
    U not staying at KL or Selangor areas?

  20. Haha, Tigger is cuter than Rajah of course! I barely can remember the face of Rajah... Haha, my bad...

  21. I don't know much about the new latest artists ^^"

    I only listen to those that I like

  22. jchan: nope, hehe. i'm from Borneo (Kuching). :)

    akira: i think rajah is kinda cool too. =3 tigger, on the other hand, could be cute in a goofy sense. here i googled rajah for you: Rajah. ;)

    elezend: n i only listen to those that i was exposed to. XD knew yui from Bleach. :P

  23. Haha, thanks for remind me ya! Rajah is quite cute too! Haha... But not cute as me lar, Aslan! yeah! hahahaha...

  24. oh yeah !! you're AAAA !! almost forgot this cool-nick of yours. XD