Monday, June 23, 2008

Losing Direction.

-baboon- was right, every time something happens, i start blaming myself. argh .. it's all in the blood, i can't control it !! stop the freaking dwelling already !! *frustrates* even -piggy- managed to sense that i was fiercely manipulated by unstable emotions recently.
"thank you so much for trying to understand .."
i guess being manipulated only happens when you're too into the moment. pro -- you can enjoy the happy moment to the fullest. con -- you can suffer from being torment to the fullest too !! yea, pros n cons thingies .. same old, same old .. (Perspectives, anyone ??)

i'm just gonna let today slide by silently, hopefully i wouldn't get out from the wrong side of the bed again tomorrow. *fingers crossed*

私はどうした ..


  1. Cheer up my friend...

    As wise Oogway said,
    Yesterday is a history,
    Future is a mystery and
    Today is the best Present...

    Happy, then enjoy it...
    Sad, just tell anyone closer to you...
    Angry, dont let anger overcome your emotion...

  2. is that a sunrise, or sunlight? that's beautiful.

  3. "it's all in the blood, i can't control it"
    watch out! dun get high blood pressure then.LOL~

    but no doubt i'll get blood pressure when i old later...inherited from family ba.^^"

  4. ahahahah with all that fieryness inside you... youre gonna explode and later feel guilty. You should learn from the incredible hulk! YOu mess with me, no matter what, youre gonna die!ROAR!!!

    Maybe you should try listing down a couple of sensible things such as why the cause of this incident is NOT your fault. Sensible for example.. if a person comes and stab you.. you dun say that its your fault because you didn't dodge him or you stood in his way... that s being insensible.

  5. rachmaninoff is really suitable for u!!!!

    the translation is 'what did i do???"

    ya,tell us and let us 分担 with you!

  6. akira: another post that didn't reach through you eh. :P anyway, am very Grateful that i have your support (i think). ;)

    mica: thank you !! i did stated below the photograph that it is a "sunset". :)

    pui: i'll probably get it. yes, i'm an "intense being" just for your information. but .. heck, come what may, right ?? ;)

    marcus: if i could sprawl in the middle of the room (like a baboon), i would very much Love to turn into a girly-girl-Hulk. but no .. i just have to care about what others think, don't i ?? as if life isn't complicated enough without that !! *exhale*

    listing herm .. ain't it gonna confuse me further ?? i tried it once, i either lose my focus, or did it the wrong way .. it confuses me like .. a LoT !! i almost burn that piece of paper. *pour water over myself to cool down* whoosh ..

    joshua: (i'm gonna ignore rachmaninoff "advertisement" n move on to the translation thingy .. :P)

    close, you're nearly there !! [私はどうした] meant "what happened to me". :) thank you so much for caring. with every support that i received, it brightens my day even more. *grateful* :)

  7. Is it? Aikz, I have my own idea after read all this... I suppose to ask you before I give comment next time ya...

  8. Cheer up

    Life still need to go on so no point being emotional especially when you're emotionally unstable

  9. What's wrong? O_O

    What happened?

    Why blame yourself? -_-

    Who is manipulating you? XD

  10. heheeh...........rachmaninoff!!!!=)

    as a conclusion, uncle google can make it 50% perfect in the translation!!!=)

  11. Eh, I just noticed...

    Wah, sounds like Levian is mine... or My Levian... Wooot....

    Looks like have to get liao.... Grrrr

    Very the kiasu.... =p

  12. Eh, just now the comment is unrelated to this post...


    Eh, this comment also not related...-_-"

    Ho ho ho.... =p

  13. And I just noticed that got the top commentator section....


    Resisting the need to spam....spam...


    top commentator have 100++ comments...-_-"

    I give up...

  14. And you know that something like this happen, (the multiple spam-like comments) because there is no chat box located in your blog right?

    Or I mean cuz you removed your chatbox so have to resort to comments...

    or Wait~~~~

    That is your plan..... your purpose of removing the chat box...

    Aha.... Your secret plan to take over the world with comments exposed by yours truly already.....

  15. So, now give up and reinstate the chat box... =p

    (No lah, joking.. This is the attempt the gain the first have to type as much as possible..... the 100++ Akira.... I am gaining up on ya... Grrrr)

  16. Alright, now reading back... I think that is a bit childish.... I shall not be that kiasu..

    Akira want the top commentator place.. He can have it.

    I am gonna stop now... =p


  17. This is me not commenting... This is not a comment...

    This is actually a statements..

    I now realize that I have spammed the comment section....

    I feel ashamed...

    Now go I shall.... =p

  18. akira: aw .. don't be embarrassed. i gotta admit, i'm not that easy to be understood. that's exactly the reason when -baboon- n -piggy- does kinda understand, i'm totally impressed n touched.

    "Support is what a weak heart seek the most". ;)

    elezend: but that's the point isn't it ?? i'm emotional because i'm currently emotional. else why would i ?? *puzzled*

    deimos: i'm .. not exactly sure what happened either. i just suddenly snapped n feel guilty about it later (yes, exactly like how -baboon- stated ..)

    keith: am glad you liked it. :)

    joshua: you've proven that yourself. i wonder if there's something wrong with my grammar, or whether google really isn't sensitive enough. *wonders*

    cometh: cometh !! *yelp n chase after cometh* hush with the chatbox thingy, it's a secret n you're totally ruining my plan. XD oh yeah, so did you noticed that the commentssssss that you dropped (spammed, to be more accurate *clear throats*), are still non-related to the current post ?? woot !! *stab cometh with a Huge Sword*

  19. Wey yoh.... Still even sempat to put a link to the sword part...

    You are getting better at this...

    Kiasuism mode kicks in.... Brrrr brrr brrr.
    (In case you don't know, that is the sound of engine running... =p)

  20. i love the pichas.. but i am kinda worry about u being sad all the time. :) u have lots of friends to share everything with you.

  21. Hopefully start from now onwards I can get myself to understand more about you, then I can give the support to you...

    Advice for me is important too!

  22. let it be.. and just enjoy the moments :)

  23. cometh: i was a CS student just like you to start with. you'll be coming back for more with that kiasu-ism element of yours running amok. *psyching* XD

    sharon: i don't exactly resent them, therefore just express whenever i feel the anxiety. thank you so much for caring. :)

    akira: you've been trying to do that ever since we started commenting each others' posts. am very, very grateful for your care. :)

    quachee: does that include expressing myself ?? sure hope it does. :)

  24. Just have a positive thinking towards thing in life =)

    I can be quite confusing sometimes

  25. elezend: i guess i'm more of a person who gets into "the moment". n i do mean "totally into" it. dang .. it sounds like a bad thing already. XD

    akira: :) (herm .. how should i continue ?? *panicking* XD)

  26. hi levian

    yes, it does. at times i too get frustrated, stressed & uptight. esp when there are timelines/ deadlines to meet.

    and it can seem out of control. so expressing is good :) but at times looking back, its not too bad after all lol.

    i agree with you on embracing the moments as life is a journey :) have fun & take care :)

  27. you're definitely right about the "looking back" thingy. sometimes reading back to what i wrote before, it was pretty neat. felt like some sort of tracing back. nonexchangeable experience, it definitely is. ;)