Sunday, June 22, 2008


it often throws me off my edge watching people slapping themselves in the face. yes, Inconsistency bugs me big time !! "saying one thing, n doing another thing" ?? oh please .. *twitching eyebrow*

just as the Blood Type had describe me - i'm a serious being. "i meant what i said, i say what i meant". i only judge by observing a person's Actions, instead of Words. for "sweet talkers", usually i just listen n move on. do spare me your crap if you ain't sincere about it ..

it's easy to stop trusting a person. it's almost like a automated mechanism to fence off hurtful possibilities that person might cause. n need it be reminded that Trust is difficult to regain after you lose it ??

人の心は大切ください ..


  1. i meant what i said, i say what i meant

    this atitude is good!!! But have to careful.otherwise to straight will hurt a person=)

    expecially my 小小脆弱的心灵。。。。呜呜呜呜=p

    tat japanese word is '人的思想是很重要的‘???对不对????

  2. Actions are more value than words, right? For me, I'm the serious one too, I will do on what I have said and action for it...

    Yeah, I agree with you that trust is difficult to regain back once you have lost it...

  3. agree with akira .
    also it's some times to actually do actions .

    some people think that talking is much more easier .

  4. is it related to what i think its related to? Haiz.. those that can't be trusted with little things for sure can't be trusted with big things.
    Don't need to care about letting the fella regain anything... its time to take out the sword for slaughter and remove the element of anguish once and for all..(warning: might not apply to every situation. Please proceed with care if you adopt my savageness)

  5. it's easy to stop trusting a person. it's almost like a automated mechanism to fence off hurtful possibilities that person might cause

    Yup.. I agree with this. Tried before :)

  6. joshua: why would i hurt you by holding to my own words ?? when i keep my promise to you, shouldn't it be happier to you ??

    [人の心は大切ください] meant "plese cherish others' kind intention (心意)". :)

    akira: keeping a promise is usually the biggest challenge. like ameo said, it took time. that intention will show itself as time passes.

    ameo: talking is definitely easier than action. suddenly reminded me of the phrase "easier said than done" ..

    marcus: what exactly is it related to ?? *lost* i would very much (!) love to slaughter these people once n for all. to get it over with .. heck, like they actually matters !! get a life .. geez ..

    ahlost: totally. but unfortunately many failed to realize these unless they are hurt themselves.

  7. People slapping themselves~~ I guess you can't blame them for doing that. I don't think it's about inconsistency. It's that they did something that had a result which wasn't really expected.

  8. being straight forward and also keeping up with words are important

    it's better than people that say one thing do another thing

  9. Yeah, I agree with you... So for us, we need to keep our promises and not to simply make promises to anyone unless we can do it...

  10. Oh ya, I like the sky photo too!!! Nice shot... hehe...

  11. seems i misunderstood ur meaning...........hahaahh

    have to study back my english............hahahah=p

  12. 宝茹: i should let you see a real life example around me, than you probably won't be defending them. :P

    well, the thing is, if they ain't sure whether they can make something work, why make empty promises in the first place ?? why pampered others with flowery words ("blinding technique" is what i called it), when they can just go ahead to do it before they start bragging about it ??

    elezend: totally. at least we are showing exactly what we hold on to, or believe in. what's the point of being all Perfect when you're gonna break that image later ??

    akira: agreed. keeping promises kinda shows how much we respect each other. for me, sweet talking only meant treating others like idiots. as if we had no eyes to see for ourselves.

    so glad you liked it. there will be some more shots coming up. ;)

    joshua: don't worry about it. i'm very glad you did voiced out your opinion. i definitely appreciate that. ;)

  13. Sweet talks can use for sometimes too, during the occasion trying to make the partner happy from sadness... But I prefer not to have sweet talks all the way, it will become very fake after all...

  14. yes, n if you're gonna sweet talk now, n later said you ain't sweet talking, you're in fact, being Very Inconsistent as well.

  15. Miss levian received too many blank cheques isit? o_o

    What happens if the person who promised something, failed to deliver that promise on time, not because he / she did not want to deliver that promised, but he / she forgotten about it?

    Still considered issuing a blank cheque yar har? XD

  16. Maybe they just want to cushion the bad effect.

  17. wah, so deep~ headache trying to understand...

    anyaway, yup im kuchingite, and dis photo is taken from waterfront ner~

    erm, my father side grandpa is also a serious one. no jokes.

    dun mind if i link ur blog? :p

  18. akira: nono, i don't mean you. it's just an example of inconsistency. ;)

    deimos: definitely more than enough to wake me from my naivety. XD forgotten ?? aw .. that kinda indicate that the promise meant nothing to him/her, doesn't it ??

    usually in such cases, i would remind them when the time comes (or when i'd reached the mentioned "target" stated in my Trust post). if given excuses again, that will probably be "purposely forget". *sad face*

    宝茹: usually sweet talking comes before the bad effect, i suppose ??

    saying stuff like .. "this thing is gonna turned out like this, like that". but in the end, you won't see a sign of any of those.

    天狼星: sure !! am glad to exchange links with you, i've added yours as well. ;) sorry about the confusion. :P

  19. Haha, gladly! Wanna ask you, did you meet a situation that you fell into inconsistency as well?

  20. Same question with Akira. :)

  21. akira, 宝茹: if you're talking about whether i'd broke any promises, everything i said, i'll make sure i complete it. i would say i'm rather stubborn in this, n hold on to my words n i believe in karma. i'll treat others how i wanted to be treated in return.

    so, No i haven't broke any promises (or should i add a word "yet" at the end of the sentence to be more realistic ??) for the reasons of my stubbornness in relate to promises, you may view my Trust post for the "lesson i'd learned". ;)

    other than that, let's see .. i used to be inconsistent before i met my mentor, he'd taught me more than the subject, but also Life itself.

    so, Yes i had been inconsistent before. as for after i learn about being Consistent, there is once that i can remember (the post "Respect").

    where i told myself to never bud into another relationship's problem, but i budded into it. but if the topic relates to our parents, does it count ?? (i guess not, it would sounds like an excuse .. herm .. *busted*)

    so what do you think ?? how would you judge me in this situation ?? :)

  22. You never break promises? Wow, that is really impressive!

    Being inconsistent is a normal issue in our life, so I would say you did your part in the situation you mentioned. If can help your parents, then will be good.

  23. i'd been broken enough promises to understand how it feels to break others' heart, or to lose their trust.

    help my parents ?? like how ??

  24. Well, in my opinion, you can talk to your parents and see whether on how you can help them... The probably is some ideas and suggestions to get through with the problems...

  25. actually .. i went through hell trying to talk sense into their head. you know how old people are, hehe. so nope, i'm not gonna do anything to change them, not gonna try anymore. i might as well use that energy to change my thoughts, to let go of how they "hurt" me. it's like "been there, done that, felt that .. moving on !!" ;)

  26. The case like this, yeah, I will support on your action too! Just move on with your life, right? The world is awaiting for you also. =)