Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Werecats #2: Rogue (2008)


Faythe, a female werecat, agreed her father to stay in the Pride (the werecats territories) for 2 n a half year as an Enforcer after the incident of being kidnapped in book 1, Stray (2007). she was teamed up with Marc, her ex-fiancé who became her boyfriend again ever since she was back; they were assigned all over the country for missions, by their Alpha, her father. when she thought she left her college life behind for good, her past came hunting her down. the day she was brought back from college to the Pride, her human boyfriend, Andrew, accidentally became a Stray (humans who became werecats after being scratched or bitten by a werecat) due to her carelessness. being left behind, he struggled to survive the scratch-fever. soon he came charging for revenge, with the help of an even deadlier werecat, the last survived villain of the tabbies kidnapping project in book 1, Stray (2007).

Rogue (2008), the second book of the Shifters/werecats series was much more captivating to me than its first, Stray (2007). i finished half of the book during my first read, unable to put it down! being pushed by her father, Faythe continued to elaborate on her partial shift, which only her face was shifted n not any other parts of her body, an ability she accidentally adapted n were never found on other werecats. it was the ability that gave her an upper hand n the chance to escape her captivity during the kidnapping in book 1, Stray (2007). i assumed she would use this uncommon ability again to help her gain victory during the climatic final battle; unfortunately, the author decided to not go with the flow, but around it. a slight letdown, yet not enough to stop me from falling completely in love with the series.

author: Rachel Vincent
published: 2008
genre: Fantasy

Shifters series:
- Stray (2007)
- Rogue (2008)
- Pride (2009)
- Prey (2009)
- Shift (2010)
- Alpha (2010)


  1. 总觉得这故事好像不能结束似的... :P

  2. So now it is about werecats? :p

  3. I really need to check out these books because they sound SO interesting.

    Thanks for another GREAT review, Levian!

    Hope you're having an awesome Wednesday!

  4. akira:

    why not? i love stories that surround any supernatural beings.

    thanks! you really should catch vampire themed books before you plan to catch the werecats', i'm sure vampires can draw you attention more since you already love them!

  5. sounds like an interesting read. Happy reading.

  6. life:
    thanks! hopefully you'll get to have a sneak peek at it as well.