Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sherlock Holmes (2010)

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes n his partner, Dr. Watson, was again engaged in a battle with a mysterious enemy. they finally successfully caught the serial killer, Lord Blackwood. he was then sentenced to hang by the neck until death. but when he mysteriously returned from the grave n continued killing the innocents, Holmes n Watson were forced to once again continued their investigation. they must find enough clues to lead them behind the scene of black magic Lord Blackwood claimed to punish those who didn't believe in his power.

being a huge fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's investigation novels since young age, Sherlock Holmes movie was equally a must-catch for me. however, i found it having a plot more suitable to be an action film than crime solving. unlike its novels where Holmes was presented as a person who put in a lot of thinking for his cases, Holmes presented on screen seemed to be a lot more hasty n careless. at some point, it even felt like the case was solved by pure luck.

some backgrounds on the movie:
- director: Guy Ritchie
- released: 2010
- casts: Robert Downey Jr, Jude Law, Rachel McAdams, Mark Strong, Eddie Marsan, Robert Maillet
- language: English
- genre: Crime/Mystery

- Sherlock Holmes (2010)
- Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011)

Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes


  1. Haha, I love this movie a lot! Love the ascent too! :P

  2. Downey made this movie for me, he was fun to watch, other than that I found it a little dissapointing if I am honest. But I guess im of the minority as all my friends loved it ha ha

  3. Oooo....ooooo....thank you SO MUCH for sharing this review, Levian!

    I'm dying to see this one, because not only do I enjoy Sherlock Holmes, but I really enjoy seeing Downey and Law in any film. Great actors!

  4. akira:
    that's good to know!

    i believe many could love him (Downey) on the surface, but personally i think he might not be suitable for the character. reading about Holmes since childhood already build firm his image inside our mind, Downey just sorta make everything look like a joke.

    personally, i think that Law was suitable as Watson, but Downey wasn't suitable for Holmes. i love the Holmes that i read in books, so firm n serious, knowing where to put his head. Downey made Holmes seemed like another psycho that happened to have a good head on his shoulder.

  5. I believe many folk today never endeavor to read any book older than twenty years, unless they become a literary scholar. It is a shame, as you know.

    I neve4r read Doyle, but may start now. I felt the movie was a challenge to stay interested. I did not find Downey's Holmes likable, even after shedding my preconceptions.

    I enjoyed your review

  6. keith:
    thanks! i believe after you read Doyle, you will find Downey's Holmes even more disturbing. i wasn't too happy, n still isn't happy, for him to ruin Holmes image for me. i was a huge fan back then, i followed all their stories, one book after another, until i can no longer find any series in the library. i would highly recommend it!