Friday, February 25, 2011

Werecats #3: Pride (2009)


Faythe was on a trial, accused for turning her ex into a Stray (humans who became werecats after being scratched or bitten by a werecat) n killing him after to cover up the crime, in Rogue (book 2). turning her ex was an accident; n killing him was in self-defense, but the werecats' law put her in a dangerous spot. the 3 major offenses of the Pride (the werecats territories) were murder, infecting human, n exposing the werecats existence to human. she was guilty for 2 out of 3, which probably will end her in a potential death sentence. but tabbies (female werecats) were considered very valuable to the werecat community. when Alphas from all over the country were gathered to be the judges at her trial, political games were played, with her life, as well as her father's position, on the line. at the same time, the free territory was claimed by a pack of man-eating Strays. their actions threaten to expose their existence to the humans. during the search, they also came across an underage tabby, Kaci, who was lost n stuck in cat form. Faythe impulsively felt that she should take care of the tabby, which of course gotten herself into more trouble, again.

the trial might be slightly slow n too serious to fully comprehend its details, but with Faythe's bad temper, it was nowhere near boring. the story speed up during the discovery of Kaci, the lost werecat, n the hunt for the pack of man-eating strays. Faythe, instead of only being the troublemaker, managed to help with the actions as well. unfortunately, her partial shift still haven't improved or helped in any life threatening situation. it was easy to be caught up in Faythe's frustration with the trial, especially to convince the Alphas of her innocents. it was also easy to be irritated by her, for her lack of self-control, often rushing headlong into action, which obviously led her into more trouble, but not only to herself, also her pack. after finishing book 3, it was impossible not to go on with book 4. with Marc, Faythe's boyfriend, being exiled from the territory, i'm only so eager to know what laid waiting in book 4: Pride (2009).

author: Rachel Vincent
published: 2009
genre: Fantasy

Shifters series:
- Stray (2007)
- Rogue (2008)
- Pride (2009)
- Prey (2009)
- Shift (2010)
- Alpha (2010)


  1. I have read about werecat many series? :p

  2. Ooooooo...this sounds VERY interesting!

    I've heard of werewolfs, but never werecats.

    Fascinating, Levian! And I'll look for this in the bookstore.

    Hey, I love your new blog header. VERY nice!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. tekkaus:
    like what i had listed above, there are 6 books. n this is the third.

    thanks! you are the very few that notices the header. the book was definitely interesting, i can't seemed to stop myself for continuing it. always wanting to know what happened next!