Monday, March 07, 2011

Werecats #4: Prey (2009)


with her father's authority position at risk, n her boyfriend, Marc, in exile n disappeared during an ambush, Faythe finally came to accept that she will someday be the Alpha. Manx, a werecat mother who just gave birth to baby Des, was forced on trial, for she had killed 3 toms (male werecats) during her escaping attempts during the tabbies kidnapping in book 1: Stray (2007). tabbies (female werecats) were valuable to the werecats community, so instead of giving her a death sentence, she was to be declawed, a painful n degrading procedure by having one's claws removed. Calvin Malone, Alpha of another Pride, who was desperately plotting to gain Faythe's father's authority, wanted Manx to rely on toms, preferably one of his sons to strengthened his spot in the Council.

with a huge battle coming their way, a small army of toms were assigned to abduct Kaci, the young traumatized tabby in book 3: Pride (2009). the operation went wrong n Ethan, one of Faythe's 4 brothers, was killed gruesomely. the planning of the funeral n the search for Marc had to progress simultaneously. with everything going wrong around her, Faythe had to stand strong, believing that Marc was still alive, bringing them the microchip he held as evidence, even though the temperature was freezing outside, n he has been missing for days.

though moving slightly slow compared to its previous fast-paced approach, the forth book of the Shifters/Werecats series was as captivating as its third! again, the ending had one eagerly wanting to know what happen in the next book. n finally, even for a small portion, Faythe applied her partial shift during a life n death situation. she was finally grown n having the capability to handle the matter even when political power play was hot at hand. it was distracting having multiple subplots to its main plot, yet each n every one of them was as intense as another! the downside however, was its political issues, which turned out to be rather absurd at times n often, boring.

author: Rachel Vincent
published: 2009
genre: Fantasy

Shifters series:
- Stray (2007)
- Rogue (2008)
- Pride (2009)
- Prey (2009)
- Shift (2010)
- Alpha (2010)


  1. I have read about werecat story before but none so serious as this stuff here. I wonder if werecats are related to werewolves. :)

  2. You've got me so intrigued with these werecat books, Levian!

    I'm headed out to do some errands today, so I'll stop by the bookstore to check these out!

    Have a wonderful Monday, Levian!

  3. tekkaus:
    werecats are just another type of wereanimals. meaning instead of transform into half-wolf, they transform into half-cat. in this case, a huge cat.

    hope you manage to find them at your local bookstore! these are truly intriguing, it had me completely caught even thought it was slightly slow at times.