Thursday, May 24, 2012

Soul Screamers #0.5: My Soul to Lose (2009)

My Soul to Lose

Kaylee headed to the mall with her best friend, Emma, expecting to enjoy themselves shopping at the mall. but it was then the panic attack started and she had to get away from it. she avoided the first wave, but when the second encounter reached her, she found herself screaming uncontrollably, fingers scratching at her own throat to make the screaming stop. before long, everything turned dark and she found herself waking up in a psychiatric ward.

Kaylee's ability to sense death was an interesting and refreshing concept i had yet seen in many books. she struggled to cope with her ability without standing out, but failed miserably whenever death was nearby. the book was like a teaser. despite being a short introduction, it was plentiful and enough to draw us into Kaylee's character, while rooting for her completely.

author: Rachel Vincent
published: 2009
genre: Fantasy/Paranormal

Soul Screamers series:
- My Soul to Lose (2009)
- My Soul to Take (2009)
- My Soul to Save (2009)
- My Soul to Keep (2010)
- Reaper (2010)
- My Soul to Steal (2010)
- If I Die (2011)
- Never to Sleep (2012)
- Before I Wake (2012)
- With All My Soul (2013)

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