Friday, June 01, 2012

Soul Screamers #2: My Soul to Save (2009)

My Soul to Save

whenever Kaylee felt the uncontrollable urge to scream, someone around her was about to die. but when she witness Eden, a popular pop star fell dead half way through her performance on stage, yet Kaylee had not felt the urge nor seen Eden's soul floated out, she knew something was disturbingly wrong. Eden had no soul. and soon Addison would be next.

having discovered her Banshee, or Bean Sidhe ability of sensing death, Kaylee was forced to interfere when her boyfriend's brother, Tod requested her to save Addison from the Hellion of Greed, who teenagers signed contract with to trade their souls for fame. the book used the chance to explore Netherworld, a world exist alongside the human world, but resided by different creatures. it was a trip so mysterious and creepy that made the book a real page turner.

author: Rachel Vincent
published: 2009
genre: Fantasy/Paranormal

Soul Screamers series:
- My Soul to Lose (2009)
- My Soul to Take (2009)
- My Soul to Save (2009)
- My Soul to Keep (2010)
- Reaper (2010)
- My Soul to Steal (2010)
- If I Die (2011)
- Never to Sleep (2012)
- Before I Wake (2012)
- With All My Soul (2013)

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