Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Soul Screamers #4: My Soul to Steal (2010)

My Soul to Steal

after finding out about Nash addiction with Demon Breath, Kaylee decided to breakup temporarily for him to readjust his life. but things got instantly complicated when Nash's ex-girlfriend, Sabine transferred into their high school. she had a difficult childhood, was an ex-convict and clung tightly to the only good thing in her life, which happened to be Nash. as frustrated as Kaylee was with Sabine, she found out that Sabine was a Mara, who can read into people's fear and weaved it into nightmares while she fed.

in many ways, the book spent a lot of time building up the tension between Kaylee and Sabine, making me looking forward to their final showdown, seeing who in the end would have Nash for herself. but all was changed when an unexpected turn grab hold of the storyline and gave it a whole new direction, which made the story even better! i had been rooting for Kaylee ever since the first book, but her indecisive personality in this installment made her a little less likable. i would have loved for her to go through Nash's struggle with him, rather than abandoning him during this critical moment.

author: Rachel Vincent
published: 2010
genre: Fantasy/Paranormal

Soul Screamers series:
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