Sunday, June 17, 2012

Soul Screamers #5: If I Die (2011)

If I Die

Beck was the charming new teacher, having a bunch of girls trailing hungrily after him. before long, Kaylee started noticing something really odd about him. she plotted with Sabine and Emma to uncover his secret, only to find out that he was an Incubus, who fed of lust. at the same time, Tod appeared with the list that indicated that Kaylee's time has come. with only 6 days left to live, Kaylee was determined to rid the school of Beck.

the book was absolutely fast paced, the surprises never did stop coming at full speed! before the Incubus mystery took on the centre stage, i was stunned to learn about Kaylee's own death. it was so shocking that simply made it irresistible to finish the story in one sitting. despite the sympathy i felt, the way she handled her relationship threw me completely off. ever since My Soul to Steal (2010), i rooted for her a little less every turning page. but the different values we had aside, the book did reach all out being absolutely entertaining and engaging.

author: Rachel Vincent
published: 2011
genre: Fantasy/Paranormal

Soul Screamers series:
- My Soul to Lose (2009)
- My Soul to Take (2009)
- My Soul to Save (2009)
- My Soul to Keep (2010)
- Reaper (2010)
- My Soul to Steal (2010)
- If I Die (2011)
- Never to Sleep (2012)
- Before I Wake (2012)
- With All My Soul (2013)

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