Monday, July 29, 2013

Soul Screamers #6: Before I Wake (2012)

Before I Wake

after being killed by Avari, who intended to steal her soul, Kaylee survived the ordeal though being dead. with her soul attached, Kaylee was forced to continue living her life like any normal teenager. covering up her own murder, while faking being alive among her friends. back in school, she had to constantly remind herself to stay visible. to earn her right to stay in the human world, Kaylee had to use her bean sidhe ability to reclaim stolen souls. fighting evil while dating her reaper boyfriend was anything but normal even in Kaylee's life.

having read the last book a year ago, i had forgotten where the story left off. but even without the reminder, the story stood perfectly alone, while bits and parts came rolling back. the book was a fast read, with plenty of action, romance, even mysteries. putting together a group of friends with various characteristics was already interesting by itself. the relationship between Kaylee, Tod, Nash and Sabine only made it tastier.

author: Rachel Vincent
published: 2012
genre: Fantasy/Paranormal

Soul Screamers series:
- My Soul to Lose (2009)
- My Soul to Take (2009)
- My Soul to Save (2009)
- My Soul to Keep (2010)
- Reaper (2010)
- My Soul to Steal (2010)
- If I Die (2011)
- Never to Sleep (2012)
- Before I Wake (2012)
- With All My Soul (2013)

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  1. it is like she is a ghost but yet she can stay in the human world?