Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fury #3: Eternity (2013)


Em had been noticing signs of herself changing, she became easily angered, never felt cold, and had superhuman strength. the Furies trio remained nearby, always watching her. her fear of becoming one of the Furies were slowly coming true, after she swallowed the beans they gave her in exchange for JD's life. Crow's relationship with Em had grew complicated the moment he started having visions of her and all of them bad ones. but he was determined to save her, no matter the cost. JD on the other hand, missed the old Em. she no longer felt like herself, like she had a secret to hide.

finishing the previous book for more than half a year ago, i had little difficulty trying to remember what the story was about due to its uniqueness. the Furies were creatures that fed on revenge and karma. in exchanged for JD's life, Em gave up her life and was slowly transforming into a Fury herself. from an ancient book she got from Sasha before she was murdered, she learnt more about the Furies than she wanted. first half of the book moved slowly considering the approaching climax, anticipating it had made the book a torturous read at first, but the drag was welcoming once the end finally started. i was more than please to find that the speedy climax was absolutely satisfying.

author: Elizabeth Miles
published: 2013
genre: Mystery/Supernatural

The Fury Trilogy:
- Fury (2011)
- Envy (2012)
- Eternity (2013)

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