Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Secret Watchers #1: Visions (2012)


Owen was an ordinary teenager until he came in contact with an old watch that seemed to draw him towards it. the moment the shop keeper White Eagle put it on his wrists, images flashed through his mind, overwhelming him. according to White Eagle, Owen was a Watcher, having the ability to sense evil on items. with the permission from his mother, Owen began working and training with White Eagle for some self-defense moves. his unexpected gift took more work than he ever expect but the satisfaction was rewarding enough that soon he had his personal team formed by his best friends and mother, assisting him in fighting evil.

i received free e-books for the series from the author in exchanged for a review. the book was an absolutely fast read. despite having quite a long storyline, its growing plot and being filled with plenty of actions made it so difficult to put down. it was unexpected to find the story climaxed several times, enough to make me feel like i finished reading a few books instead of one. it was overwhelming to follow Owen's growth but at the same time so satisfying when he made it through the challenges alive, which he wouldn't have if not for White Eagle's training. every step he took since he discovered his ability built up the character in him. Owen was like a new type of hero compared to what we were often exposed to. his supernatural ability somewhat different as it doesn't give him superhuman strength or speed, but images that told him stories.

author: Lauren Klever
published: 2013
genre: Adventure/Fantasy

The Secret Watchers series:
- Visions (2012)
- Whispers (2013)
- Insights (2013)

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